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    SEASON 1
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    SEASON 2
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   The Show

We here at "The Goat" strive to bring a Dudeist attitude about sex, God and death. To put humor into the bad news we are all avoiding. The Goat is swollen because to much information that needs to be shared with the masses! We could just tell you we are all fucked and to bring in the tomato plants, but we wont! It's all fixable if you raise your vibration, stop vibrating low and get high with the Goat!!

It's no accident you are here at this time in your life. We bring you the hidden fractals of your true identity. You have been lied to for a long, long time. We will break down the disinformation and the cons of our lives. Listen to our stories of self discovery and how we learned of the inner GOD that was always there. We will give you thought platforms to help you understand how complex of a being you really are. you will need an open mind for topics such as. "What is the third eye and how do i make it operational?" Why am i unhappy with my life? Whose vibrations should i be surrounding myself with?

Know that YOU are important and that everything you say and do is important. We look forward to sharing our thoughts with you.


The Creators



Eric Johnson

Rodney Smith

Executive Producer

Dudeist Priest


Executive Producer

Space Cowboy


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